This is a questionnaire for the GoStyle project. The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect data about well-known Pro Go Players. The primary uses of this data are:


All data that will be a result of this questionnaire will be published only in anonymized manner. This means, that no information about a particular interviewee will be published.

The interviewee may though be so glad and specify his name at the end of this questionnaire, which will allow us to explicitly cite and acknowledge his contribution.

Questionnaire Instructions

The questionnaire contains a list of some well-known go players. For each of the players, we ask you to assess the player's style on four different scales, reaching from 1 to 10.

Underneath each of the player names, you can choose whether to skip the player, or not. Feel free to skip the player if you are not familiar with his play or if you get bored.

We are humbly asking you to fill all the data thoughtfully and honestly. Names in each subset are sorted alphabeticaly. Taking the questionare might take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on what players you choose to fill.

The Questionnaire



Please, select a value for each of the styles below!
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Some players that were checked as well known are not filled entirely. You can continue if you want to, though they will be skipped:


If you are missing some important pro-player in the list above, we will be happy if you add him to the questionnaire. Just fill in his/her name and click the button!

This player is already in the Questionnaire!

Finally, you can send us some feedback if you want to. This might include tips for some other scales, critique, or whatever you like! Please let us know what do you think:

Please declare your strength before submitting!
Please consider filling all styles for the players marked as known. See the Warning.