We analyzed a total of {{res['sample_size']}} games, of player {{res['name_in_games']}}, spanning from September 2013 to January 2014.

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# Black White Date Setup Result
1 upon116 [3k] bronislav [3k] 2013-09-05 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+1.50
2 upon116 [3k] bronislav [3k] 2013-09-05 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+20.50
3 bronislav [3k] Hench [3k] 2013-09-06 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
4 tyty [4k] bronislav [3k] 2013-09-07 19×19 Komi 0.50 W+Resign
5 gopaly2013 [3k] bronislav [3k] 2013-09-08 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
6 marco01 [3k] bronislav [3k] 2013-09-09 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+Resign
7 bronislav [3k] takeuchi [3k] 2013-09-11 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+22.50
8 nakared [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-12 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
9 bronislav [2k] yichun83 [2k] 2013-09-13 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
10 bronislav [2k] ueda9565 [2k] 2013-09-14 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+9.50
11 bronislav [2k] ohohoh 2013-09-16 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+Resign
12 kagawa1852 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-19 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+18.50
13 ueda9565 [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-24 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+15.50
14 jit222 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-25 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+3.50
15 c123581321 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-25 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+Resign
16 a0330 [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-25 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+5.50
17 tanaka [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-09-27 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+Resign
18 bronislav [2k] akishio [2k] 2013-10-03 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+21.50
19 fnakabc [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-03 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+17.50
20 hroba4ok [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-04 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Time
21 bronislav [2k] AKFF22 [2k] 2013-10-16 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+Resign
22 bronislav [2k] sanpo02 [2k] 2013-10-17 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+5.50
23 hgfj [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-17 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+20.50
24 tripitaka [4k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-21 19×19 Komi 0.50 W+18.50
25 meke70 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-22 19×19 Komi 0.50 W+Resign
26 bronislav [2k] hiyas [2k] 2013-10-24 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Time
27 greens2715 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-25 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+Resign
28 kalevipoeg [5k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-25 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+Resign
29 hutian [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-29 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+Resign
30 timelabo [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-10-29 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
31 bronislav [2k] ewinn [3k] 2013-11-01 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+6.50
32 bronislav [2k] makoto12 [2k] 2013-11-06 19×19 Komi 6.50 W+11.50
33 bronislav [2k] jimny [2k] 2013-11-06 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+7.50
34 chunggam [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-11-06 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+3.50
35 bronislav [2k] Backins [2k] 2013-11-07 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign
36 bronislav [2k] LaSoaz1 [2k] 2013-11-09 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+1.50
37 Maestro10 [2k] bronislav [2k] 2013-12-20 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Time
38 AlterIgo3 [3k] bronislav [2k] 2013-12-20 19×19 Komi 0.50 W+Resign
39 bronislav [2k] gurifon55 [1k] 2013-12-26 19×19 Komi 0.50 B+3.50
40 bronislav [2k] austen [2k] 2014-01-01 19×19 Komi 6.50 B+Resign

The bold player is the victor in particular games, the player we analyzed is marked by an arrow (and is always the same).

Based on the patterns and other information extracted from the moves played, we estimated your strength and playing style. If you want to learn more about the methodology, please see the research section of the homepage. Below, we give you the results:

Please keep in mind, that the stuff here may be wrong and it is not – yet :-) – a substitute for a teacher you can interact with. We will keep this result webpage for at least 2 months (before deleting it).


The KGS equivalent of strength of the player: {{res['str']['val']}} ± {{res['str']['sigma']}}

The following image shows the strength (red line) with 68% confidence interval (blue line). The confidence is accurate only when the sample is large enough.
Strength: {{res['str']['val']}} ± {{res['str']['sigma']}}


Please bear in mind, that the style information is not very reliable for weaker players, it might be completely off.

{{questionare.long_names[key]}} {{questionare.left[key]}} {{questionare.long_names[key]}}: {{res[key]['val']}} ± {{res[key]['sigma']}} {{questionare.right[key]}}

Based on this style evaluation, we recommend to review games of the following professional players. We list both proffesional players who have similar style as you and whose style is very different. The first group might serve to improve your style, the second to give inspiration what other styles of play are possible.

Professionals who have similar style as you:

Professionals whose style is farthest from yours:

Study material recommendations

This section lists study materials we believe are relevant for your improvement. The list is constructed by computing a suitability measure, which takes into account your strength and style. The measure is expressed as estimated percentual match.

Please note, that this is a sort of advertisment (which we hope will provide a source of income allowing further extensions of the site).

Generally speaking, we recommend either harder books of Intermediate level or easier books of Advanced level. More detailed tips follow.


We find the following series of books to be suitable:


Apart from the series, we recommend the following single books:

Distinctive patterns and tips

Bad things you play

We found out, that you really like to capture stones. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but are you always sure, that the stones you captured are important and the mere 6 points you get for capturing them is the best move on board? (E.g. in the opening, ...)
You seem to push from behind a lot. You should realize, that this allows the opponent to hane at the head of your stones...

Other notable stuff

The following table shows some typical patterns that stronger players play more than you (on average). The scales on the right show the relative frequency of the moves: "The move is played every Xth game.". The strong players are on the left, weak on the right, your frequency estimated from the sample is the red bar.

You can get some inspiration here! ;-) Do not take this too seriously, though...

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Your feedback

Is greatly welcome. Do you think that your strength is different or your playing style is estimated wrongly?

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If unsure what your KGS strength equivalent is, see the rank comparison.

And fill in what you consider to be your style:
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Finally, you can send us some feedback if you want to. Tips, praise :-), etc..